Excursions and Tours

Wahga Boarder
Wagah is located on the international highway between Amritsar, India and Lahore, Pakistan. The lowering of the flags ceremony at Wagah border near Hussainiwala National Martyrs Memorial, is a daily military practice that the security forces of India (Border Security Force) and Pakistan (Pakistan Rangers) have jointly followed since 1959.
Lahore Fort/ Shahi Qila
The Shahi Qila which is a very beautiful place to visit. It is situated in North West corner of the Lahore city. The Mughal Emperor Akbar laid the foundation of this Lahore fort. The Fort has two gates one is alamgiri gate and the other is called maseeti gate. Overall it provides an amazing view & attracts the tourists.
Badshahi Mosque
The Badshahi Mosque Imperial Mosque) in Lahore was commissioned by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Constructed between 1671 and 1673, it was the largest mosque in the world upon construction. It is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and the seventh largest mosque in the world. It is Lahore's most iconic and famous landmark and a major tourist attraction. The minarets are 196 feet (60 m) tall.
The Lahore Museum, was originally established in 1865-66 on the site of the hall or building of the 1864 Punjab Exhibition and later shifted to its present site located on The Mall, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan in 1894.
Rangeela Rickshaw Ride of Walled City
Rangeela Rickshaw Ride of Walled City from Delhi Darwaza to Fort Road Food Street. Locally Lahore is organizing Lahore Walled city tour and Rangeela Rickshaw ride to promote Lahore's tourism and rich historical importance. please follow link below; http://locallylahore.com/RangeelaRickshaw
Lahore sightseeing Bus Service

Lahore has been cultural hub of pakistan and offers great places to visit. Double Decker bus services with name of “Sightseeing Lahore”, is initiative of TDCP ( Tourism development corporation of Punjab) to promote tourism in city of Lahore. As per plan, initially two open roof double decker buses have been planted for guided tour of magical city of historical lahore. Read more

These tours will be arranged if a personal request is received. The can be done during the conference.